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Loss Prevention & Risk Management


 A unique feature of the CISA Program is the Loss Prevention & Risk Management benefits


Protecting your Association and its financial assets requires a comprehensive risk management program.

Through regular inspections of the property provided by an independent third party; subsequent loss prevention recommendations are generated to help the Association maintain its property, keep its residents and guests safe while saving the Association money over the long term.

    • Proper maintenance eliminates costly repairs
    • Project future risks through loss control recommendations
    • Avoid special assessments through Reserve Studies as recommended by loss control
    • Minimize downtime in the event of a disaster
    • Control premiums by controlling claims


It is worth noting that all property insurance policies exclude coverage for wear & tear. Therefore, it’s in the Associations best interest to maintain the property rather than pay for costly repairs and replacements.



Each year, nearly 3,000 people die in U.S. home fires
40% of those U.S. home fires did not have smoke detectors
In 2009, fires caused an estimated $12.5 billion in property damage
The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that questionable
   slip  and falls claims have risen from 325 in the first quarter of
   2008 to 997 in the first half of 2010. Many suspect the weakened
   financial economy is the cause for the spike in suspicious and
   questionable claims


Properties that are properly maintained and have the best possible life safety measures in place have fewer claims. So let us help your Association take a proactive approach to maintaining your property to reduce and prevent fire deaths, injuries, and property loss.


Check out the Insurance Information Institute’s webpage on Safety & Mitigation. There are several free online videos like lawnmower safety, pool safety, protecting teenage drivers, protecting your house from mold, protecting your house from hail, child proofing your home, preventing dog bites, winter preparation and more. http://www2.iii.org/safetyandmitigation/


High Rise Safety link. Helpful brochures and articles are also available at:  http://www.nfpa.org/categoryList.asp?categoryID=631&URL=Safety%20Information/For%20consumers/Occupancies/Highrise%20buildings

Illinois Fire Safety Alliance http://www.ifsa.org/

Department of Commerce Fire Prevention

High Rise Life Safety sponsored by the Northern illinois Fire Srpinkler Advisory Board. http://www.highriselifesafety.com/

City of Chicago Life Safety Evaluation Database sorted by building


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