Reciprocity with Yacht Clubs

Reciprocity is co-operation or an EXCHANGE of courtesies; this exchange of courtesies may be many or a few.  Each club has its own idea of the exchanges.  You, as a boater, may wish from time to time to visit yacht clubs along your planned route.  When planning your itinerary, include some stops along the way at clubs which offer reciprocity.  You’ll find friendly fellow boaters who may make your trip more enjoyable; some may have knowledge of local waters to help you on your way. 

Make advance arrangements and fly your Cypress Landing Burgee when arriving at a reciprocal club and offer your CLYC membership card when checking in.   The club may ask you what the reciprocity is at your club and offer you the same.  There are many different means of reciprocity; i.e., one night berthing free for your boat, a discount in the club dining room, or drinks at the bar, etc. 

If you know the clubs you wish to visit, be sure to request a letter of "member in good standing" IN ADVANCE of your trip.  We would be happy to accommodate you.   

2018 Outreach Committee
Smith CHAIR               Andi                                                940-0204                       

Black/Stokes               Dorothy/John                                  919-949-2018                
Dare                            Rob/Robin                                      402-7704                        
Gold                            Robert                                             804-647-2766                
Greyson                      Rick                                                 949-267-8267                
Henry                          Robert & Heather                            252-623-9041                
Johnson/Harrison       Peter & Barbara                              623-750-6915                 
Karlovich                    Michael & Catherine                        919-810-6259                 
Kew                            David                                               919-606-4536                 
Lettick                        Eileen                                               623-1975                        
Moore                         Sam/Dolly                                        540-529-9626                
Sommerhalter             Louis                                               602-571-4808                 
Staton                         Laura/Bill                                         975-2524                        
Vail                             Skip                                                 919-345-5151                 

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