We are the largest committee in the Yacht Club and plan events throughout the year. These events range from fun, casual, dock parties and cookouts to more formal parties such as the Commodore's Ball.  We have a great time using our imagination to ensure the entire membership finds our activities interesting and enjoyable.            

We would especially like to invite new members to join us.  It's a great way to meet new friends and work with other members of the Yacht Club.  If you would like to join us or simply help with a specific function, contact any one of the following.

Social Committee 2015

Co-Chairs 1st Quarter
Biff Matthews 833-4824
Terre Matthews terrematthews@yahoo.com

Co-Chairs 2nd Quarter
Doug Doscher 833-4742 doug54@hotmail.com
Karyl Dosher karyl.doscher@yahoo.com

Co-Chairs 3rd Quarter
John Rebholz940-1242jrebholz@suddenlink.net
Shelly Rebholtsrebholz@suddenlink.net

Co-Chairs 4th Quarter
 Tom Kraemer 833-0871 kraemertomas@yahoo.com
 Lisa Kraemer abbynormal848@hotmail.com

Committee Members may include
Jane Boston 833-0669 jboston02492@yahoo.com
Sharon Alligood 946-5720 Shanglin@aol.com
Nadine Barrett 974-0033 madimb2@suddenlink.net
Barry Barwatt 975-6738 barwatt@suddenlink.net
Colleen Bucher 833-4739 csbucher@aol.com
Val Coggia 946-9293 vcoggia@earthlonk.net
Robin Dare 402-7703 gryhoundpoe@aol.com
Brenda Entler 833-4228 chocobee@gmail.com
Jackie Fagin 571-480-8159 sfagin@suddenlink.net
Carol Gleason 833-4459 Golfergyrl@Gmail.com
Bill Havanki 833-0081 bhavanki@gmail.com
Marge Havanki 833-0081 mhavanki@gmail.com
Karen  Tucci Herron 355-8878 kltucci@gmail.com
Arlene Hill 940-1426 aphcat@embarqmail.com
Louise Hoar 940-0770 louise101@suddenlink.net
Andrea Holloway 833-4842 andrealholloway@gmail.com
Bob Jenkes 946-2535 vjenks@aol.com
Judy Johnson 946-7509 donjudy@embarqmail.com
Joyce Jump 833-0064 jumpjoyce@gmail.com
Denny Karpy 974-0005 denisejar@aol.com
Lynda Lane 946-5647 lynlane@earthlink.vet
Ronnie Lott 833-0729 firstmate72@yahoo.com
Shirley McPherson 940-1422 shirley.mcpherson@yahoo.com
Jim McPherson 940-1422 Jim@M-NINS.com
Maria Musor 975-1115 maria209@suddenlink.net
Ann Marie Opello 946-5119 annopello@suddenlink.net
Arlene Orofino 946-6861 star454@suddenlink.net
Joan Parkes 975-6917 thepaekes@suddenlink.net
Judy Rodrigues 946-1657 rgolffen@yahoo.com
Lorie Rowe 477-1031 lrowe0955@gmail.com
Rick Rowe 477-1031 rickrowe782@att.net
Andi Smith 940-0204 andreaclaire@gmail.com
Claire Stilwell 946-0867 stilwell@suddenlink.net
Pat Walker 975-1974 walkerp@suddenlink.net
Elaine Wood 940-0086 elainewood312@embarqmail.com
Joy Young 975-5196 young1too@suddenlink.net
Sue Zimmermann 946-1027 sdz1953@yahoo.com
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