Boating Articles & Information

Capt'n Ed's Files - Safety Articles on Rules of the Road, Accidents and their Resolution

SITUATION # 1 - Failure to Take Early Action
 - Collision between two containerships

SITUATION # 2 - Ferry Collides with Two Pleasure Boats - Pleasure boat fails to display proper lights

SITUATION # 3 - ST. Lawrence Pilot Collides with Sailboat - Two die on sailboat

SITUATION # 4 - Sailboat Collides with Bulk Carrier - Radar and radio contact do not prevent collision

SITUATION # 5 - Barge Strikes Railroad Bridge - Tug takes emergency measures to avoid hitting bridge

SITUATION # 6 - Tug Hits Pleasure Boat in Channel - Fatal tug and pleasure boat collision in Long Island Sound

Pleasure Boat Operation Hints

HINT # 1 - Docking and Undocking

HINT # 2 - The Fine Art of Anchoring Your Boat

HINT # 3 - Using Your VHF

HINT # 4 - Adjusting the Squelch/Volume on your VHF Radio

HINT # 5 - Tying Your Boat Effectively to the Dock

Boat  Maintenance

Spring Commissioning


Gunk-holing on the Carolina's Inner Banks

General Information

How to Drive a Boat - Dave Barry's humorous  essay on sailing

Learn to Sail Manual for the CLYC’s beginners’ sailing program



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