Investor Relations

Mission Statement

SVC will acquire cash flowing income properties. SVC shall then provide, to the public, high quality, affordable housing in well kept safe communities. SVC will operate such properties effectively and efficiently by designing and implementing systems that help realize optimum net profit.

Business Plan

SVC will locate and acquire “Anchor Properties” which cash flow utilizing maximum leverage in “Qualified Markets”. Once the “Market Anchor” is established additional acquisitions in the Market will be made, up to the systems maximum. This process of identifying “Anchor Properties”, then “Auxiliary Properties”, up to the markets maximum, will be possible via systems designed, implemented and adhered to with strict principal oversight.

In an effort to continue measured, yet aggressive growth SVC may consider strategic partnerships. Such partnerships may include investor and or operating agreements with “Qualifying Third Parties”.

Qualifying Third Parties shall include only individuals or entities that are able to offer time and specific attributes desired by SVC. Additionally those with capital, or financial resources which, when leveraged, would benefit SVC. All partnerships must ensure mutual benefit prior to consummation.


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